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Music Appreciation/Theory: Tickets
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This course is the historical study of music. Students will become acquainted with musical time periods from the present all the way back to the middle ages. Students will also study music literature and repertoire from each of the time periods as well as being introduced to the elements of musical notation. This course is perfect for the intermediate level music student.



This course focuses on theoretical aspects of music including: ear training, scales, rhythm, and harmonic notation. This class is suited for those students with some musical background and serves as a good introduction to college level music theory. If a student is considering a major or minor in music in college, this is an excellent course.

Making Music


This course teaches basic music composition and orchestration in an electronic environment. Students will be using computer notation software to compose and notate music. This course is an extension of Music Theory (70660), and requires successful
completion with a grade of C or better. Student compositions may be selected for performance by live musicians at a school concert. This is an excellent opportunity for aspiring composers. A strong grasp of musical notation and music theory is absolutely vital before enrolling in this class.

Music Appreciation/Theory: Projects
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